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Em with the MG on Queen Charlotte Drive

A few weeks ago I embarked on a bike trip up to the North Island which was cut short owing to an issue with the Moto Guzzi. Although the snag was fixed promptly by the dealer where I bought it from in Wellington I'd missed the the event I was going to attend in Auckland - A shame but such is life and I was actually glad that nothing went seriously wrong and I lived to ride another day.

In a way it actually allowed me to do some more rides closer to home and enjoy a few of the other things on offer to us here in Marlborough, one of which is enjoying our lovely little MGTF which I bought last year. Buying the car realised a long-held desire to own one of these which were launched in the mid-1990s when I was an impoverished student at Southampton University. It's funny how when you have little or nothing to your name such things stick in your mind so vividly - Just over 10 years ago I nearly bought one in the UK but instead bought a Mercedes SLK from some friends who were, ironically enough, emigrating to New Zealand.

Alas the Mercedes turned out to be a rather disappointing car ownership experience and we sold it before leaving the UK and I felt that there was unfinished business in relation to owning a traditional open top sports car. However late last year I managed to find this example owned by a retired MG Rover worker who had retired to Gisborne and brought the MG with him. We've enjoyed exploring some of the more scenic roads in the area, something which isn't hard to find in Marlborough, and cruising with the roof down is one of life's more pleasant experiences.

Tennyson inlet - One of the spots we get to explore

One of my fellow bikers whom I know through the Institute Of Advanced Motorists, a chap by the name of Geoff James (Google Geoff James Blogspot for his ramblings), has recently spoken of his desire to buy a classic sports car to share experiences with now that his biking days are becoming fewer. It does add an additional dimension to be able to share your travels with someone else and that inspired the title of this blog.

In some work related news I head off to join HMNZS CANTERBURY next month. I've agreed to stand in for the Engineer Officer as he heads off to take some Paternal Leave for the birth of his first child. It'll be good to get back to a sea-going posting, albeit only for a short time before I head back to a shore-based posting on completion. In all likelihood this will be my last time at sea in an official capacity so I'm hoping to make the most of it.

Take care and enjoy the gradual opening up of things now that the jabs are slowly getting to us all.    


  1. Haha - thanks for the blog mention Lee! I'm not giving up riding but the extra time through retirement as an IAM Examiner will be great to share with Jennie in a classic car. As you point out, sharing travels is a lot of fun and Jennie complains that most of my exploring is on two wheels!

    Enjoy your posting!

    1. Glad to hear it Geoff. I still have a Coro loop with you to do in the not too distant future. Here's hoping I can get that ticked off before the end of this year. Believe it or not it'll be 6 years since we first rode that road - Doesn't time fly?!

    2. Hi Lee, as I write this the weather is cold, wet and windy - with only two days to our Falmouth jaunt, so I'm not at all jealous 😡! Hope you have a good time at sea, didn't realise that you were due a shore posting so soon, I thought that your LWOP was longer.

      Take Care


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