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Trying out my photo skills

  One of the giant 'Trees' in the Gardens A couple of weeks back I managed to take a day off and go and visit the Gardens by the Bay. It was somewhere I'd been wanting to see and we managed to time it just right as being a week day meant that the crowds were remarkably thin. Plus we got there late afternoon so we managed to see the skyline at sunset. The famous Marina Bay Sands hotel Although I won't get to go and stay in the Marina Bay Sands hotel I'm told it's as good inside as it is outside. it is certainly a striking looking place which has an infinity swimming pool on the top floor as part of the 'Boat' section of the building. Room prices start at $400+ per night and go a lot higher than that. I think perhaps a simple walk past might be the best thing! The Gardens at ground level with some of the cartoon characters on display When we visited there was some form of cartoon character festival with these giant characters on display. Not really my thin