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Life away from home

  As you get older things change. Not right away you understand but in a creep-up-on-you kind of a way until one day something happens that makes you realise that things, that is you, have moved on.  I once heard the actor Timothy Spall being interviewed post a big cancer scare which he'd recovered from after plenty of unpleasant treatment. He said that you knew when things were normal again when, on coming home from the hospital all the little things started to bother you again. It's a lot like that when you are away from home with a ship on deployment. When you get home it's as though someone has pressed your personal reset button as all the usual tings don't bother you as much. Then you acclimatize once more and things go back to normal, much in the way Timothy Spall described. We're now just over halfway through our time away here in Singapore and thoughts of returning home have bubbled to the surface once more. Being away doesn't become any easier the older


  Yours truly waiting for the tour to start Hello again! It's been an interesting few weeks since I last posted. The number of daily COVID cases here in Singapore have been increasing steadily and we have experienced a couple of the dockyard workers on board having tested positive as well. Whilst all the ship's company have thus far tested negative this latest episode has reminded us all just how close to home the whole COVID piece is and the effects it can have on us all. As for what effect it has on our programme between now and getting home remains to be seen. On a more positive note we managed to get to do the Tiger Beer brewery tour and it was a good day out. The highlight was the 2 hours we had in their 'Pub' at the end of the tour with a fair few freebies (Included in the price of the tour at any rate) thrown in for good measure. It's a big old place and I am becoming rather fond on their product now too.  Just in case you were wondering what you were there f