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Where did February go?!

  The 'Lunar Rover' in all her glory So - It's March already and I'm left asking where the hell February went to? One minute it was leading up to my 48th birthdy and the next... Well... Above is our trusty Elddis motorhome which we brought over with us when we moved to NZ. Bringing it from the UK was a really good idea and we had visions of seeing the marvels of NZ in it. Alas life has simply gotten in the way and as such we just haven't used it anywhere nearly as much as we would like - Or as much as it needs to stay in good mechanical health. Having the dogs is a major factor in this too as they are pretty restricted in where they can go and so taking them with us in the motorhome is problematic. So it's up for sale and we've had quite a bit of interest in it. More than I expected if I'm honest. Poor old Emma has been fielding calls about it whilst I've been away at work and as such we now have 3 sets of people who've said they'd like to ta

Enjoying what we have

As you can see above the summery weather has been bringing with it some interesting sights. Here's Fraser on the sun lounger with Emma on the swing seat next to him. Fraser follows Em pretty much all over the place and he seems to thrive on human company. Especially when they provide him with food and treats! Fraser turns 7 this year so in dog terms he's now middle aged but he seems to act like a teenager most f the time. In fact we often refer to him as 'Dufus' because of the daft things he does...   We are blessed here in Marlborough to have some cracking scenery and spots to go and visit. Quite a few of these are only accessible via dirt (Unsealed) roads which f course means the use of an off-road style of bike to get there. The picture above shows the picnic table at a spot called the 'Enchanted viewpoint' en-route to the summit of Mount Patriarch which I went to earlier today. It's a lovely little spot and I just sat there with my cup of coffee for a fe