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A few sights from my travels

  The Enchanted lookout As promised I've been out and about in the local area since being on my LWOP. Attached are some photos of the local area on the route up to Mount Patriarch which is situated in the Mount Robertson range here in Marlborough.  Above is a spot called the 'Enchanted Lookout' which is some 1160m above sea level. It's accessible by public road though it's unsealed and best tackled by something with some decent ground clearance or, in my case, a Suzuki DR650. A biking buddy of mine and I went up there earlier this week and it is, quite frankly, life affirming. It's quiet, beautiful and all within 80-90Km of our house. Ideal! It also reminds me very much of a spot I spent some time in as a youth growing up in South Africa. Ngodwana (Google it to get the full lowdown) and the surrounding area is remarkably similar and my only regret from living there is that I was too young to go out and about dirt riding in the local forestry area in territory su